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We translate all your blog posts and press releases

Translating your texts helps you reach an international audience and get more clients, users and visits.

Naturally, you want to publish your texts right away, but will it be enough to have it in just one language? It’s shortsighted to create your text only in English when you can influence users and customers around the world. With our professional translation services, your texts will reach outside the confines of English-language circles. Clickug is the solution that will open you the doors to internet users around the world.

There may be different reasons why you need to translate your texts into other languages:

  • More than half of all searches on Google are not performed in English.
  • Only a quarter of the world’s population speak English, 94% of which do so as a second language. This poses a serious question about whether you’re reaching as many people as you otherwise could be. If your blog is written only in English, not even one-third of internet users can read it. You could be passing up tremendous opportunities by not having translated versions of your blog.
  • Google does not count translated copies of your blog or website as “duplicated content” for the purposes of SEO rankings.
  • It’s much easier to reach the top of the search engine rankings in a language other than English. With less competition and less content, it means your foreign language blog is immediately more prominent than that of your English-language competitors.
  • You don’t have to change your content.
  • It is cheap and it gives you an excellent ROI.

These are the kinds of texts we translate more often:

  • Websites
  • Commercial information
  • Listings of words
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There are of course countless free ‘machine translation’ tools online, notably Google translate. Be warned, however, that while machine translation is a marvelous tool for working out just what the heck people are trying to say to you, completely accurate translations are few and far between. Automatic machine translations are not accurate. You usually get what you pay for, so while automated translation software may seem and easy and attractive option, a poorly translated site will benefit neither you nor your clients.

Let our native-speaking translators help you avoid any potential embarrassing situation. If you’re serious about making inroads into international markets, then it is money well spent.

We work with hundreds of native translators, carefully vetted and managed so that we always have the right person for your job.

Placing an order is quick and easy.

WARNING: we don't translate texts of less than 10,000 words.

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Text to be translated (can't be changed once you have paid)
$29 up to 200 words, $39 up to 300 words, $49 up to 400 words and then cost/word is progressively reduced

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